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While vehicle tracking can help keep an eye on the location of your vehicles and machinery, cameras can actually feed back information about what is going on inside. We supply and install dashboard cameras or witness cameras that can store events and help your drivers stay safe. Alternatively, we can supply and install Trailer Vision cameras. These are perfectly designed to film in extreme environments on site, and can help with reversing and accident avoidance.

Dashboard cameras that provide a live feed back to an observation point can help protect both your vehicles and your drivers. Many of the dashboard cameras we install feature a panic button or a call button for manager to driver communication. This can clarify any issues that may arise, and can deter would be thieves from entering your vehicle if left unattended.

In addition, the range of TITAN Cameras that we can provide and install, come with inbuilt G-Sensors specifically designed to help you capture any accidents. This means that if your driver collides when either off or on site, the cameras will capture the accident, proving who was at fault. In fact, some of the options can be programmed to predetermine event capture, which will provide further control.

Trailer vision cameras, or “Omni-Plant”, have been specially designed with the plant in mind. As a result, the monitor is both metal and waterproof, to stand up to the working conditions. They also have no blind spots, which means they can offer perfect 360 vision at all times. Whatever the size or shape of your machinery, the trailer vision cameras can be designed to fit.

The benefit of a 360 viewing camera is that your drivers can reverse and navigate tight spots on site, without crashing into objects or people hiding in the blind spot. The 360 camera removes the blind spot completely.

So, whether you need to protect your drivers with on board cameras, or to help your machinery drivers with 360 vision cameras, we have something for everyone here at CJ Auto Electrical.

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